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Preventative Health Analysis

Measured stats for better living

Beyond Measure uses state-of-the-art technology found in leading hospitals, research labs and professional sporting organisations, and measures a wide range of vital statistics relating to your body.

We provide you with a current snap-shot of your health status, highlight opportunities for improvement and help you discover what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Quite simply, its the most precise way to tell you about your body and give you motivation to either make changes or keep heading in the right direction.

  • Fat Loss / Weight Loss

    Discover how much fat & muscle you need to lose or gain, and establish a goal weight based on accurate measurement and computations.

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  • Athletes & Bodybuilders

    Monitoring your body fat levels, water composition and muscle mass directly affects your chance of success in competitions and sports.

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  • Fitness Enthusiasts

    Fitness enthusiasts have a significant interest in body composition as it ultimately reveals the fruits of their labour. 

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  • Preventative Health

    A body scan won't diagnose illness or disease, but it will provide a clear view of health indicators & identify trends leading to increased risk of disease.

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  • Corporate Health

    Body Composition and preventative health scans for employees increase productivity and deliver positive health messages to employees.

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  • Children

    A body composition scan for kids provides a timely indication of current status, and identifies opportunities for health improvement.

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What is Body Composition?

  • Body Mass

    Body mass refers to a breakdown of percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle tissue in the human body. Your body is composed of two broad categories of mass:
    1) Body fat mass; and
    2) Fat-free mass.

  • Body Fat

    Body fat is fat that is located within the body and can be found in muscle tissue, under the skin or around organs. Body fat serves three important functions:
    1) As an insulator to conserve heat;
    2) To provide metabolic fuel for the production of energy; and
    3) Acts as padding to cushion your internal organs.

  • Fat-free Mass

    Fat-free mass includes bone, water, muscle, and tissues. Fat-free mass, particularly muscle tissue, is important for:
    Optimal health and posture
    To protect the skeletal system and vital organs
    Maintain a lean physique
    Achieving peak performance in physical activity, sport or recreational training.

  • Health, Aesthetics & Performance

    Knowing the comparative amount of fat and muscle you have can lead you to very important conclusions about your body, your health status and the way you look for purely aesthetic reasons.

    It’s essential to maintain some amount of body fat, but an excess level can expose an individual to serious health risks and produces a less than desirable body shape.

  • It's Personal

    Body Composition differs in importance and significance depending on the objectives of person undertaking the analysis. Contact us now to see how a Body Composition Analysis benefits you depending on your goals.

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    “Just had my BCA done. I'm so proud of my achievements so far. Very impressive on the detail of my scan. Am I going to take my health and fitness to another level? That would be - Yes. I'm that much motivated.”

    Angie Drako
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    “Playing at a high level of soccer, it's important for me to be at the pinnacle of my game at all times and through the use of beyond measure I've been reaching all new heights. ”

    Francesco Antonino
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    “Highly recommend Beyond Measure to get you motivated about your health and wellbeing. Fantastic service, James left me feeling amazing and positive. Very friendly and has now helped me with my future goals”

    Karlee Renee Smith
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    “I had an Amazing & unforgettable experience with Dirk and James. Had a major lower back injury and with their help, monitoring and assessing my progress at the gym I have lost 10.3kg in 4 month and my back pain has dramatically decreased. ”

    Yaser Ali Al'harazi
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Dirk Lamb (left) is a highly sought-after strength and conditioning coach, having trained world record holders, Olympic games representatives, and national champions in a variety of sports.

James Baranello (right) competed at a national level as a junior in swimming and played elite-level Australian Rules football in the under-18 TAC Cup. In 2007, James was diagnosed with a brain tumour that cut his athletic career short, but opened his eyes to the importance of wholistic health.


The InBody 770 Composition Analyser

Whilst it is true that most people are curious about their body fat percentage and muscle mass, a Beyond Measure scan using the highly advanced InBody 770, can highlight much more and provide a client with further insight into the way their body works and their state of health. In fact, it would be doing InBody 770 a great disservice to reduce its function to simply body fat analysis. 

The InBody 770 Body Composition Analyser is a premium grade machine based on Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. Bio-electrical Impedance Analysers can range from home/gym weighing scales using a very crude and rudimentary form of Bio-electric Impedance technology which are unreliable and inaccurate, to medical grade sophisticated technology.

At the higher end these machines are used in hospitals for patient analysis, in universities and laboratories for medical research as well as elite sporting organizations. The most advanced machines are characterised by high precision and repeatable testing reliability.  

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InBody 770

Stand alone bio electrical impedance technology which encompasses the patented simultaneous multi-frequency bio electrical impedance (SMF-BIA) which can capture the single moment of your body.




15-minute consultation

Provides fundamental Body Composition data for weight control, preventative health and fat loss.



2 X 15-minute consultations

Perfect option for scanning at the start and end of a workout or diet cycle (e.g., 6 weeks).



3 x 15-minute consultations

Our recommendation for keeping track of progress from the start, through to the middle and completion of a longer workout or diet cycle (e.g., 12 weeks).


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